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The Top 25 DB1/Omaha Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 General of the Army petebu 1913
News From The New Club
3-8-15 Amenlam and M4a1 will battle it out For the Winter Open Crown, Can M4a1 repeat? - March Monthly first round went smoothly, thanks guys for getting your games in on time! - We have another Major Tournament starting toward the end of the month World at War Utah. - We also have April Monthly coming and the players will pick which Database they want to play.
3-1-15 DeathMatchGee has returned to the Cabinet, Welcome back Bro! - March Monthly Has Started (Utah) - We have a Major Tournament Starting March 28th World at War (Utah) - Squad Season is heading into the last month of the season - Congrats to TheWraith for winning the Feb Juno Monthly and earning a spot in 2015 Masters - Congrats to Caesar205 for winning the 2014 Masters! Onslaught was runner up. Well Done Guys!
28-8-2016, Status of AAWC AAWC has lost the WarZone as a gaming platform and will not be returning to it. We are currently supporting 3rd edition game play at TripleA, GameRanger & Voobly. All databases are still active and can be played on all listed platforms. There are plans to modify certain db`s to allow for specific types of TripleA rules & maps but no decision has been made yet. Details TBD. We would like to hear from the membership on this so please share your thoughts in the General thread marked "Database Considerations" We are currently recruiting some players from TripleA that are interested in our ladder system, tournaments and leagues. Please welcome them and assist with any help they need regarding our website. Plans are in the works to run some sort of league in the fall across all platforms so stay tuned.
The Top 25 DB2/Kremlin Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 Marshal of The Soviet Union lack 1847
The Top 25 DB3/Juno Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 Fleet Admiral lack 1945
The Top 25 DB4/Utah Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 Field Marshal petebu 2008
The Top 25 DB5/Gold Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 General pastordh 1920
The Top 25 DB6/Sword Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 General Feld Marschall lack 1813
The Top 25 DB7/Anzio Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 General Russian_Conscript 2092